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face cleanser / toner
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JOLIE LOVE  >  face cleanser / toner

Neroli Cleansing Foam

♦ Mild Face Cleansing
♦ Sunscreen & Makeup Removing

A mild and non-irritating amino-acid face wash purifies skin gently.  The natural Neroli oil offers pores clearing, antibacterial and relaxing effects.  Designed to work for all skin type.

Use: Massage the cleansing foam on dry face and neck with dry hands for 20-30 seconds and wash the face thoroughly.  If heavy makeup is worn, apply the foam on a makeup removing cotton to wipe the face, and wash the face as usual.

$165 (150 ml)

Maple Oat Toner

♦ Extra mild
♦ Made with Organic Maple Syrup
♦ Long-lasting skin hydration

An alcohol-free toner contains Organic Maple Syrup, Oat, Calendula Flower, Licorice. It hydrates and soothes skin gently.
Use: Apply on cleansed skin by using cotton pad.

HKD 198 (100ml)

Damask Rose Toner

♦ Made with Organic Damask Rose Water
♦ Long-lasting skin hydration
♦ Natural lightening & balancing of skin tone

An alcohol-free toner enriched with Organic Damask Rose Water, Hyaluronic Acid, Algae, Licorice, Centella Asiatica Leaf and Mulberry Extracts. It delicately hydrates, softens skin, refines pores, balances skin tone to reveal a healthy, radiant complexion.

Use: Apply on cleansed skin by using cotton pad.

$198 (120 ml)

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